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“I would highly recommend Todd Stork if you are in need of a home for a beloved family member who can no longer fully care for themselves.  Our family had searched for a secure home along the Front Range area for our beloved father, who has Alzheimer’s, because the assisted living facility where he was living could no longer meet his ever growing care needs. What we were finding on our own and within our budget range was truly disheartening.  That’s when we learned about Todd and contacted him.  He listened very carefully to all of our needs and concerns, and perhaps most importantly, wanted to meet and get to know our Dad.  Once he had a complete picture he recommended several places, none of which we had ever heard of, all of which were better than we’d found on our own, and the one we finally settled on was truly excellent, beyond anything we could have imagined or hoped for for our father and our budget.  It’s like our Dad is truly living in a loving small home, surrounded by friends, and true caring professionals that fully understand the needs of dementia patients, we just couldn’t have been more thrilled with how it turned out, and to a huge degree, we owe this to Todd’s expertise, patience, and kindness in helping usher us and our Father through that difficult transition period.”

Kent Forward

“Todd did a great job with me when I had many questions. I appreciated that my advocate had been to the facilities and knew so much about the health care system. It was sooo much easier for me and my family to make some much needed decisions. He cares a lot about me.”


“I don’t think I could have signed up today without you being there.  Should have done it years ago.  It was so scary.  Thanks for your compassion and knowledge, Todd.”

Paul Hancock

“Words can’t express how grateful my brothers and I are for all your help in finding a home for our mom.  You are truly an amazing person.  We will keep in touch.”

Mary Hegy, Daughter

Todd was very professional and a wealth of information. He took the time to pre tour over a dozen facilities to make sure it was the best for Mom. We did not want to make another mistake. His compassion and support for our family meant everything!

Kara Childers, Daughter

Thank you for all the help you provided us in looking for the best place for my Mom. We could have not done it without you!

Adam S. 

Just wanted to pass along some very, very complimentary thing Kara said about your help and what it meant to her.  She said you spent time with her, answered questions she didn’t even think to ask, helped her when no one else could and she hopes you get paid well because you deserve it.  She is so happy with the place selected and feels she owes it all to you.

Susan, Holiday Retirement

The process was overwhelming to help my Mom switch over to medicaid. We were in the hospital and rehab and Todd was there for us every step of the way. He has a kind and compassionate heart and so much knowledge in senior healthcare. His service was invaluable to our family and would recommend his advocacy to anyone!

Paul Galveston, Son

Thank you so much! You have been a Godsend. We are so lucky and grateful for all your help with Dad.

Tammy Goodwin

“It was so great Todd had all the contacts and just told me where to go and why.  There were so many details to consider but he took care of them all and made us all feel better. The barbecue lunch along the way with the talk gave me laughter and other good options to consider. I would refer Todd to anyone.”

Bill L. 

“Your kindness, experience, and the ability to go the extra mile meant so much to me and my family. Thank you for helping me navigate this challenging time.”

Kim Ryan, daughter

“Finding a good assisted living placement for my dad, who has dementia and had a stroke, seemed so overwhelming. Todd was extremely helpful throughout the process, getting to know our family and our situation so that he could make the best possible recommendation.  I really appreciated his knowledge about facilities in the area, his ability to advocate on behalf of our family, and the compassion he showed in all of our interactions.

Leora Garcia, daughter

“Thank you for all your patience! We all appreciate what you have done to make life better for all of us. I wish I could could give you even more for all your time, but my gratitude is immense.”

Star R. 

“Todd and Aimee gave us great guidance at a difficult time. My son said I should be closer to him with good care and thats what he helped us find. He was also there for me in rehab and helped us understand what to do next. Todd really cares about his clients.”

Wesley Baumbarger, client

“Todd’s help in placing my mother in an assisted living situation was a true life-saver.  Todd is extremely well-informed about the available resources in the Denver are, with personal contacts throughout the geriatric care community.  But it was his great compassion and understanding for my family’s situation, combined with his experience and knowledge about the specific challenges that I faced that carried me through a very trying time.  Thanks, Todd!”

Wayne, son

“Todd has helped guide me and my late husband every step of the way.  He cares so much and always has new options.  Many of us know him to be knowledgable and the one to call for almost anything.”

Marlene Thompson, client

“The GoCare model is wonderful!  They helped us see the big picture for Dad and Mom’s estate.  Their assessment and system to find assisted living made us feel good about our decision.”

Barbara Black, daughter

“There have been so many areas that they have helped me with the last three and a half years.  Todd has advocated for me with true compassion.  I don’t know what I would have done without him.  I’m so appreciative!  He is a true professional.”

Virginia Lee Hinchman, client

“Todd was there for me during care conferences, tours, and even after I moved in. He helped my son and I find a good home closer to my family. We appreciated his services so much!”

Wesley Baumbarger, client

“Todd is so kind and  knowledgable.  He has been such a great help and I don’t know what I would do without him!”

Margie Olsen, client

“Thank you so much for all you did for me. You should be cloned so that the world would be a better place!”

Margaret Gillette, client

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