Steps to Senior Placement

Steps to Senior Placement

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Ahead of our time? We hope so.

No one brings the experience of guiding families to a higher level of care than Todd.

Being in hundreds of Colorado homes, hospitals, and rehab units to perform thorough intakes and assessments is unique.

A professional, calm voice in the storm.


As a Certified Senior Advisor, Todd works with families to make sure that they get the best care possible.

How can anyone recommend a facility without all the facts?

We are experts in finding good care that meets your family’s budget for assisted living.

We visit them almost every day, logging important pricing and care models. Our service gives you the in person, behind the scene information you deserve.

Unlike Internet referral companies, we tour constantly and really know the owners.

We have relationships with small board and care owners from Lakewood to Fort Collins.

They tell us when they have openings!

We know which owners have the biggest hearts, the best pricing and care models.

We’re there for your family every step of the way.


We go to wherever your family is. Sometimes same day or hour.

We first listen to you and your loved one. We want to know their story and what they believe in. What are your goals for the future?

Based on our full assessment and your folks’ financial considerations we come back with recommendations. We move quickly to get answers for you.
Call 303-818-9006 or email for professional, compassionate guidance.

Professional, in person, assessment includes:

  • Care/Medical Needs- all areas
  • Financial review of the Estate
  • Location of family and friends
  • What home looks/feels like
  • Bigger or smaller assisted living
  • Social needs/ activities
  • Culinary preferences
  • Advance directives, P.O.A. check up
  • Giving your family Options

Every detail is important.

The littlest considerations for aging adults can make a big difference.

Todd and Aimee discuss them all together.

We discuss the pros and cons of each assisted living/ memory care home. You will know the following for each facility:


Know the “true” costs of assisted living. Activities of daily living fees can add up.

*  Fees to get in: $200- $4000

  • Monthly rent
  • Extra care charges
  • Staffing ratios
  • Tenure of management and caregivers
  • Colorado state audits and occurrences
  • Culture
  • Activities
  • Extra specials about each place

You tell us which options sounds the best to your family. We know from experience it’s all about what is important to your loved one. We only recommend homes/communities that meet the criteria needed to take care of your loved one now and for the future.

We save your family so much time and energy.

Seeing is believing; let’s check them out!


We tour and know the best options in senior living. We believe in soft landings with respect and dignity. You can call Todd at 303-818-9006 or email at for help.

We tour before we recommend options.

Management, caregivers, and residents change.

Many times we are looking for a subtle difference that can mean everything.

Older adults have challenges and deserve dignity. They need the best place to thrive and be happy, to be at peace.

If you’re out of the area we would be glad to pick up and tour with your family member.

We take care of them like they’re our own. They are the one that is making the decision.

We arrange tours. Perhaps you want to tour by yourself.

Critical Information to Make the Best Decision

The GoCare Difference
Our proprietary assisted living records give you so much more vital information than anyone looking for the same thing. They probably have no idea where to look and what to ask.

Dad and Mom get to choose if at all possible.

There are times that are easier than others. Many times older adults feel better knowing that they will be safe and well cared for. They appreciate another advocate on their side looking out for their best interest. They want to feel new hope and that they will be ok.

We will give you what you need and the professionalism you expect to give you and your family the best chance for success.

We are an advocate for your family.

Ask the experts.
Whether your loved one needs to move quickly or has some time, we have connections from being in the area a long time. Moving companies, care giving agencies, Geriatric Care Managers, senior resource specialists, you name it. Anything we can do to facilitate your loved one’s comfort is an honor.

There could be an adjustment period or Dad might feel better immediately.

As time moves on we’re here for your family.

We are always available to answer your questions.

When you hear that he is doing fine later, it is the best feeling!

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