Board and Care Homes

Board and Care Homes

Critical Information to Make the Best Decision

What is a board and care assisted living home?

– Residential homes, 6-8 residences, that are assisted living certified thorough the state of Colorado.
– A different culture and experience.
– We need more in Boulder and Larimer counties.
– They can be really “homey”.

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Advantages to Board and Care Homes

    • Owners/ care givers keep a better eye on your loved one
    • Living there can “feel more like home”.
    • Clients can get more support at night.
    • They can help people that have been isolated/ depressed.
    • They are typically the place for medicaid spend down living.
    • Fun people come in for entertainment.
    • Rounding Dr’s give needed care more regularly.
    • Monthly pricing can be lower.
    • Dementia clients can be cared for.


  • Fewer activities and transportation.



Where Are they?
There is a greater concentration of board and care homes in Denver and south.Lakewood, Littleton, and Arvada have some nice homes.Boulder and Larimer counties have a few but selection is limited.Most of those are full most of the time.Of those very few are medicaid approved.There is a new one coming on board in Broomfield and Wheat ridge.

There are some options in Denver and Thornton.

Larimer county has a few nice ones with fantastic owners.


How much do they Cost?

Time is of the essence!
Owners text and email us with openings. A room can be gone in a day.
We help get our clients in!

Private rooms range from $3600 – $5000/ mo. in N. Colorado

There are some shared or lower level rooms available starting at $3200.

A few have all-inclusive pricing. One cost per month pays for all the care.
Some have different costs for each level of care. Very important to understand their care pricing model.

If your Mom needs assisted living support, but is in pretty good shape, there are options to keep the costs down.

Extra move in costs can be $200- $2500.

What makes the best board and care homes?

    • Owners/ Administrators with a big heart.
    • Owners with medical backgrounds, e.g. R.N.s and Physical Therapists.
    • The “Charm Factor”.
    • Pricing models that are fair.
    • Staffing ratios are low.
    • Owners not just in it for the $.
    • The cooking is fantastic.
    • Experienced staff.


Dementia Care in Smaller Homes – Many older adults respond better in a smaller setting.


A third of our clients have been in bigger assisted livings and moved to a small board and care home. They were struggling with confusion, caused in part by isolation. The dementia was making it hard to know when they needed help. They were losing the ability to help manage their care.

Reasons for Secured Memory Care

  • Wandering Risk
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Alzheimers Care
  • Higher Care Needs

Our elderly friends often need more oversight, someone right there to queue and redirect, a familiar person that knows how to care for them.

Friendships can develop; they are out of their room!
There are over 80 forms of Dementia, many do not need secured care.

There are some board and care homes in N. Colorado that specialize in Dementia care.

They cost from $3800-$5500.


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