Long Distance Care

Long Distance Care

Case Management is the Critical Component!

You probably wish that you were closer. It’s ok.

Helping to manage their care out of the area or even out of state for loved ones can be challenging at best, especially when you’re concerned.

We’re talking about when dad or mom has been to the E.R., had major surgery, or is just really struggling physically and mentally.

Activities of daily living have gotten a lot harder.

Even in assisted living, case management is necessary.

What is Case Management?

  • Some one in charge.
  • A main contact to coordinate care with doctors, Medicare home health, social workers, discharge planners, and hospice.
  • An advocate that keeps records and knows your loved one well.

The owner/ administrator of an assisted living can help case manage your mom’s care.
Some do a lot better job than others. Some have the medical backgrounds and caring hearts to do a really good job. How effectively they communicate back to you is key. Your loved one may need more care than what the facility can provide directly.

Ways to Keep an Eye on Your Loved One Long Distance At Home or In Assisted Living

  • In assisted living, get your main contact and discuss your roles and responsibilities. Confirm how often you will be communicating and when you will be notified.
  • Contact the local resource specialist at the closest senior center to your mom. Their job is to stay up to date on local resources for aging adults. Some offer case management. Aging Services is typically a good site to go to for referrals.
  • Hire a private pay home care agency. Even a couple hours a couple times a week can help seniors thrive. Plus you get to monitor their progress. Set it up to get a weekly report. Transportation and escort can be desirable. Cost: $80-100 a week.
  • Find a trusted Geriatric Care Manager. There is the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. Good ones are hard to find in Colorado. They have different backgrounds and areas of specialties . We have worked with some of the best and can refer based on needs. $45-$125 an hour.
  • Hire a private Registered Nurse. I’ve worked with them and know how valuable an advocate they can be. Not all assisted livings have an RN on staff. Even if they do a different set of professional eyes can catch concerns before they become a problem. Especially for chronic illnesses. Twice/ month checkups: $150- $200.
  • Get to know the Nurse practitioner of their Doctor. Doctors are hard to get ahold of and the Nurse sometimes knows more. Make sure she knows you are available and want the best for your folks.

Geriatric Care Management – What is it and how can it help?

A GCM provides the care that the older adults of aging parents would normally do.

A GCM can accompany to doctor visits, oversee, and advocate.

Siblings do their best but have a life as well, with families to run, and work to do. Not to mention that this may be a new experience for you and your family.

A GCM is a senior care professional who can communicate with you out of state.

Volunteer Services
Available to Seniors

Pet Therapy
Massage Therapy
Pick Up Dry Cleaning
Deliver Groceries
Free Medicare Advice
Guidance for Medicaid Process
Veterans Aid

Areas in which Geriatric Care Managers provide a higher level of care:

  • Healthcare Advocacy

Care Managers make sure that doctors are talking and medication is being monitored properly. They know the pitfalls of our healthcare system, anticipate problems, and give you options to protect your loved one.

  • Thrive in life Advocacy

GCMs give suggestions on the latest ways to be happy. For instance, new technology and services geared towards the enrichment of older adults. They are specialisst in the aging process and issues, understanding both physical and emotional well-being.

  • Problem solving

Care Managers research any area that needs to be looked at, make recommendations and provide options and then make it happen. How many ways in senior healthcare could this service be helpful to you?

  • Emergency Back Up

If there is an emergency and your loved one ends up in the hospital, a GCM. can come in to the hospital and be there for your mom or dad, making sure that she is well cared for and you are informed. A GCM is someone who knows her, a professional and knowledgable advocate.

Eldercare Attorneys

Elder care attorneys specialize in trusts and wills and areas specific to older adult law. There are some forms on line (e.g., Power of Attorney) for Colorado. Make sure you have the right forms and maybe have an attorney review. Are you wondering if your loved one is competent? It is very hard to get a doctor and judge to deem someone incompetent, although it is possible.

Checklist of Forms to Create or Update

  • Advance Directives
  • Power of Attorney – Health
  • Power of Attorney – Financial
  • Living Will
  • Trust
  • Will

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