Some “Vintage people” need more emotional support than others…

Just this last couple of weeks I have had new clients with different levels of what some may call “neediness”. Some of you have one in your family or have met someone who, for whatever reason, craves attention.
When a senior starts to need some help with their activities of daily living they rely on the family to get the job done. After a while, the family gets bogged down because Dad or Mom will not get some private pay help. Some don’t even care what kind of stress it puts on the family. The thought of losing independence by having to have private pay care seems overwhelming, so they think the family should be their savior.
That example is nothing to those who may have chronic pain or serious medical issues. Some folks were never needy their whole life but life has beaten them down and need the human touch and spirit to feel o.k. If they try private pay care they love it, or if they move to assisted living they feel so much better. Its wonderful to watch and they deserve it.
Emotional support: it’s every bit as important as┬ámedical care. As we age, our friends can go by the wayside and the world can get much smaller. The thought of death can be a daily reflection. The encouragement and touch from others can mean everything.
My Suggestion…Consider the emotional support your loved one or client needs to be whole. No value judgement here, just another way to be a good advocate.

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