Seniors and Rehab – the MUST KNOW 5 Failures in the System

Seniors and Rehab – the MUST KNOW 5 Failures in the System


1. Social workers may say (because of insurance) “He will be discharged on a certain date.” Your loved one may not even be close to being “activity of daily living” ready! Call the insurance company and make sure that benefits are used and if they are considering private pay. It’s worth it to get your loved one stronger before being discharged.

2. The hand-off to Medicare Home Health can be a disaster! Yes, its a free benefit, but it can take days to get them to come out and start rehab skilled care. Avoid discharges on Fridays and weekends whenever possible. Talk to the social worker early and often about which Medicare Home Health agency will be coming to the home and make sure that they will be ready to go.

3. If your loved one is moving to Assisted Living from rehab it is essential that the team at the Assisted Living get a complete picture BEFORE they move, while in rehab. The really important part is that they start to understand the needs of your loved one so that when he moves in, there is a smooth transition.

Again, stay away from Fridays and weekend move-ins.

4. ABSOLUTELY make sure the Med list gets handed off right to both Home Health and/or the new Assisted Living Nurse. Get a copy for yourself as well. I see way to many problems for our seniors in this area.

5. ALWAYS be an advocate and look for the other holes in the system. They are there. If you ever feel your loved one is not getting proper care, speak up and be heard. Be kind, however, your family has the right to good healthcare even when others try to mess it up.

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