Searching for long-term care with an early Alzheimer’s diagnosis……

We really haven’t had a chance to get to know each other that well. We have met once and talked on the phone many times since last July. We’ll get to know each other better in the next couple weeks as we tour memory care facilities that my client might move into some day. My wife and I have helped over 30 families these last couple of years to find quality senior placement, but this is the first time we’re helping somebody plan their future.
His courage is amazing. Since his diagnosis he has already taken many steps to plan for what may be the inevitable – the path to late stage Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t want to be a burden to his family in the later stage and is also trying to give most of his money to them legally while he can. His desire is to tour memory care group homes now so he can make an informed decision as to the best options for him. Fortunately, this gentleman has a good pension and Social Security benefit. Nonetheless, he does not want to spend top dollar when he knows his comprehension will be compromised and it could be hard to understand the more complex issues of the financials.

My desire, as his advocate, is to find him the best care that matches his requirements for both care and price. He doesn’t know what’s best for him and that’s where I hope to point out subtle differences that matter. 
B Watt once said “The mind’s the standard of the man.” New models for Alzheimer’s care emphasize the whole person and their soul and not just the mind. This brave individual is using his mind now in a brilliant way to help prepare himself and his children for the future.

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