Memory Care Pricing – What to know before you choose a care facility.

Memory care @ $4200/mo. vs. $6500…………. Prices are increasing in all the major assisted living and memory care providers. Executive directors tell me they are anticipating a 3 to 7% increase in room rental rates this next year.
Most people are fearful about out-living their money and this sure doesn’t help.
Oh, the cost of aging! Fortunately, we work with some smaller board and care homes that specialize in dementia care. Typically there are 6 to 8 rooms in a small residential setting. One of the owners we work with has started 4 new dementia homes just this year. Instead of having a base rent plus extra for services these owners offer all-inclusive pricing. Currently you can get a private room for $4200 a month or a shared room $3800 a month. These prices are well below big community dementia centers. Plus, we are a big fan of the smaller board and care environment and culture. I see people roaming around endlessly in the larger communities and it really worries me. Memory care often requires a good set of eyes on them practically all the time. Staffing ratios need to be as small as possible with ongoing training and support. If a person has a decent pension, social security, and some family support, there are options!

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