Courage at 98! Three Lessons We Can Learn from Our Elders

She called today and told me she wanted to go over and ” snoop around ” the new community she was moving to. She is so excited. You see, at 98 she is just now moving to independent living to start living better again. Loneliness and no family advocacy have been on her mind, like so many seniors we see.

Here are some life lessons we can learn from this amazing woman:

1. She recognizes her situation and wants to make changes. Many think, “I have to stay in my home.” Not true if you are a social person or could use more support.

2. She saved a lifetime from an average paying job to now reap the benefits of more good times and good support.

3. She is handling her affairs now before an inevitable health situation arises. She is showing great wisdom like she has done her whole life.

Be an advocate for someone you meet who is lonely and needs direction. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get someone back on track to thrive in life.

Todd Stork – Your Senior Placement Advocate
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