Advocacy in the Sweetest Way

Advocacy from my wife Aimee, in the sweetest way.  She encouraged me to have
surgery after 10 years of pain in my shoulder, which of course didn’t stop
me from fly fishing!  But I knew it was time to get the surgery over with
and be pain free.  Like I have blogged about many times before, advocacy
comes in many ways but this experience was interesting because I was on the
other side, receiving the advocacy.

Aimee asked questions of the doctors pre-surgery to make sure she was ready
for my post-op care.  She provided loving care afterwards in a way all true
caregivers would approve. I have seen from my experiences the fine art of
easing one’s burden and care giving is a skill like no other.  She
anticipated problems and barked when she needed to.   At the doctor
appointments, she would ask questions, take notes and be ready for when we
arrived home after the surgery.  She started off my healing with quality
meals and care.  Have I told you my wife is Amazing?

Two takeaways to share:  Most of our elderly friends are on more than 5
medications at a time.  The confusion from that alone makes it hard to keep
details straight and be educated correctly.  You need an advocate like my
wife!  She asked questions, wrote down notes and kept an organized system
once we were home.

If you are advocating for someone, like my wife Aimee did for me, make sure
to accompany them to the Doctor’s appointments.  The patient really isn’t
listening like an advocate can.  It can be overwhelming for someone and it’s
nice to have someone with you to take notes!  Also, you most likely will
learn something in those appointments that will ease their burden.

Keep on Advocating!

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