About Us – Senior Placement and Advocacy

About Us – Senior Placement and Advocacy

Todd Stork, Senior Advocate, ColoradoSince 2008 I have had the honor to be in hundreds of homes in Colorado helping seniors and their families find solutions in many areas of senior care.  For thirty five years I have been in and out of hospitals, nursing homes and rehab units advocating for my family.

Everyone, especially older adults, needs another advocate.

I’ve experienced the beauty of aging and the challenges of independence.  Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the conflicts of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes and know that there are critical questions to be asked and critical decisions to be made for proper care.  I’ve felt the pain of many sons and daughters looking for answers and the joy of having a plan for the future.

My desire is to give you so much more than an internet referral placement company.

GoCare is full service and personal.  You deserve to know the behind-the-scenes facts about each community, have an advocate with professional vision and a well-thought-out estate plan for the future.

Advocacy comes in many forms, including the ability to fight for client rights.

To me, it comes from years of experience and being knowledgeable about a wide spectrum of senior trends and issues.  Advocacy means being passionate about our seniors, their stories, and how we can support an even better quality of life.  Advocacy means living by the code of ethics and beliefs created by the Society of Senior Advisors.

Community is big.

I have a firm belief that we are all in this together and should support each other’s efforts.  My time and resources play a small part, but for years I have supported non-profit groups dedicating their efforts to improving senior life.  I have volunteered a great deal of time in skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care communities.  It is always a privilege to bring a smile to those who need one.

Assisted living is so much about care giving.

We’re all care givers; some more than others. My experience managing good care gives me a unique background to advise you. I personally would not be in the placement industry without this care giving experience.

Experience and training in Home Care led to GoCare’s beliefs and model.

My family, church, and outreach get my attention first.  We call my wife Miss Amazing because she is so talented and provides so much of the behind the scenes work at GoCare.  Her name is Aimée, and I am so fortunate to be with her.  Our children are: Hannah, 24, recently married to a great guy, Ryan. Joe, 20, is a sophomore at Cuesta College in California and is learning to surf, and Riley, 10, is a super fifth grader.

Professional Affiliations
Inter-Agency Senior Network
Aging Services Contributor and Supporter
Alzheimer’s Foundation
Folks on Aging
Northwest Senior Coalition
National Parkinson’s Foundation


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