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Placement is a free service for the consumer. *

The GoCare Advantage

GoCare Services The GoCare Difference
  • We are a FREE service for the consumer, every step of the way. We are paid by the assisted living facility.
  • Owners inform us regularly of openings in Northern Colorado.
  • We have the facts. Internet companies have not visited the facilities and personally inspected the homes as we have.
  • In Person Assessments – We cover all areas.
  • Financial Review to get appropriate assited living options.
  • Medicaid/InnovAge education and options for “Spend Down“.
  • Small board and care experts (6-10 residences).
  • Dementia specialists for North Colorado region.
  • An Advocate who has seen the holes in Hospitals and Rehab discharge!
  • An experienced senior advisor who has guided hundreds of families.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have found the best care possible.
  • Care counseling to educate the family about caregiving options and long-term care.
Todd and Aimee Stork
Todd and Aimée Stork

Healthcare never rests!

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*With one year of private pay funds.

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